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    retaining walls, pergolas and other outdoor living services in Georgetown, TX.
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Concrete And Permeable Paver Applications

Concrete & Permeable Pavers, Austin, TX At Stone Deck, we can assist with Retaining walls, Concrete Driveways, Pool Decks, Patios, and more. Our specialist concrete and permeable pavers services are not limited to these alone. We can design and install various types of concrete structures.

Range of Hardscaping Services

Here is a closer look at some installations that skilled hardscapers can help with.

Pool Decks

When you have a swimming pool in your yard, you would like to maximize its value via careful design and installation. The poolscape is a spot for family and friends to unwind. When designing these areas, it is essential to consider that the floors will be exposed to the elements and that the chosen materials must be able to survive seasonal variations.

Skilled hardscapers offer exceptional pool deck planning and construction. They understand what it takes to provide consumers with durable, functional, distinctive, and aesthetically pleasing pool decks. You can choose between the paver and concrete pool decks. Each of these materials has its pros and cons, and the designers will provide you with the details you need to determine the best option for your requirements.


Your driveway is undoubtedly one of your residence's most used outdoor areas since it is subject to foot and vehicle traffic. It also must endure debris, dust, sap, and oil stains. It must also be resistant to the sun's UV rays. It is hardly unexpected that driveways swiftly lose their vitality and appeal. As a trained and seasoned business, we acknowledge the significance of installing a superb driveway. Permeable pavers are a promising material option for driveways and are ideal for residential and commercial premises.

The surfaces will not lose their traction or become slippery. Permeable paver stones are versatile and may be utilized in virtually any outdoor location, including terraces, patios, decks, walkways, entryways, paths, and outdoor kitchens. This quality makes it easy to establish a uniform appearance in the exterior areas of your home. If you prefer a concrete driveway, you can discuss options such as coloring, stamping, etc. Concrete driveways are more economical than paved surfaces but may require additional maintenance.


Employing a company that uses premium materials and cutting-edge equipment guarantees that you will always receive the finest patio installations. The specialists guarantee that everything is perfectly polished, from sharp sides to level surfaces. Experienced professionals produce distinctive and beautiful concrete elements. As a result of their individualized approach, you receive a finished product per your concepts and goals.

The right material selections can provide you with long-term value and excellent ROI. Some homeowners like the feel and look of concrete patios, which are less expensive than pavers. You can have them fashioned to resemble natural materials such as stone, so you get a more cost-effective surface at the cost of a concrete one.

Regardless of the types of hardscapes you need, hiring skilled and experienced professionals will help to ensure that you get durable and attractive outdoor spaces on your property. For more details about how Stone Deck can help with your next hardscaping project, call us at 512-863-0057. You can also write to us via this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to discuss your project details.

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