• Сoncrete and permeable pavers for pool decks, driveways and patios,
    retaining walls, pergolas and other outdoor living services in Georgetown, TX.
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Paver Driveways

Driveway Pavers, Georgetown TX Driveways are an essential aspect of most landscapes. They are also one of the very first features that anyone visiting your home notices. These installations have to endure vehicular traffic as well as footfalls. This makes it crucial to choose the right quality materials in constructing driveways.

You also need to make sure that the company which handles the job for you has the experience and technology required to install these features correctly. Well installed paver driveways not only add to the beauty of your landscape but can last for many years with very little maintenance.

Custom Paver Driveway Design and Plans

Paver stones can also be used in various other areas of the landscaping. So, it becomes possible to create a very seamless look in your outdoor spaces. For example, the same type of paving stones can be used in walkway installations creating the perfect aesthetic in your front yard. We at Stone Deck are a leading company in the hardscaping space.

Over the last 20 years, we have been instrumental in creating stunning outdoor spaces on properties in and around Austin. We have the creativity, skill, and knowledge required to design and install durable and appealing natural stone paver driveways that blend in perfectly with the design aesthetic of your landscape.

Every client will have specific requirements about how they want their driveway to be, which is why we provide customized solutions. Whether you want a very simplistic interlocking concrete paver driveway or an elaborate feature with natural stone paving or permeable pavers, we are here to help.

High-Grade Paver Driveway Installation

We use high-quality pavers in our work and provide you information about the different products that you can choose from. Natural stone pavers have a very classic appeal but are slightly more expensive than brick and concrete paving. You can be sure that our team will handle the job to industry standards. This is the work process we follow:

  • We prepare the area correctly and will make sure that the grading of the surface is correct. If you are replacing a driveway, we will remove the existing surface systematically.
  • Compacted sand will be installed in that space and leveled as required.
  • Once the area is ready, we will install all the paver units as per the designs and plans approved by you.
  • We will also install edge restraints along the driveway edges. These help to keep the paver units in place.
  • We recommend that clients get their paver stones seal-coated. This application helps to protect surfaces from scratches and stains. However, seal coating needs to be done a few months after the actual installation takes place.
  • We make sure that you’re new residential driveway looks unique and that the structure is stable and resilient.

Your Driveway Pavers Experts

Remodeling your driveway or for that matter any home improvement project is a great way to reward yourself while also boosting the value of your home and providing a first and lasting impression. If you want a paver driveway installed in your residential landscape, we are here to help. For any more information about our services and driveway installation cost, feel free to contact Stone Deck at 512-863-0057. You can also send us your queries through this Contact Us form, and we will respond within the shortest possible time.
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