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Top Tips For Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Paver Cleaning & Sealing, Austin, TX If you have paver stones in your home, it is essential to clean them frequently. Pavers may become soiled and unclean with time, and if they are not regularly cleaned, they can begin to appear faded and old if not maintained. Stone Deck professionals will discuss paver cleaning and sealing tips in this blog.

Paver Cleaning and Sealing Tips

Follow these guidelines, and your paved area will look spanking new in no time!

- Carefully select your paver cleaning solution

Choosing the proper paver cleaning solution is the first step towards paver cleaning success. This is vital if you are wondering how to wash your paver surface since the improper solution might harm your surfaces and make them seem worse than before.

- Employ the appropriate method for paver cleaning

There are several ways for cleaning pavers. Utilize a power washer or steam cleaner for optimal results. Not only will this expedite the process, but it will also avoid any harm to your concrete pavers.

- Remove all debris from the pavers before cleaning them

Once the pavers have been properly prepared, it is time to clean them. Here are the necessary steps:

  • Before you begin, you should blow/brush away any dirt from your pavers. If pine needles, leaves, and twigs are not removed entirely before cleaning or sealer is applied, they might leave stains on the concrete.
  • Clean pavers with a standard garden hose and an adjustable spray nozzle.
  • Once you have done this, switch off the water and utilize a broom or powerful leaf blower to remove the excess moisture from the pavers' joints while they are still wet. It will prevent dust and debris from becoming trapped in those areas when applying a new layer of sealant to them every year in spring.

Use your paver cleaner according to the instructions on the package and the manufacturer's website. You must clean patio pavers annually to ensure they retain their pristine appearance throughout the seasons.

Paver Sealing

A fair rule of thumb for paver sealing is every two years. The pavers might need more frequent sealing if you reside in a region with above-average precipitation. Use a sealer or enhancer every six months on newly installed paved surfaces, like patios and driveways, and once every three to five years on older surfaces (if they've turned dull over time). This can make them look better in a few months or years, even if you don't clean them again immediately!

Hire Professionals for Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Some property owners handle paver cleaning and sealing themselves. However, hiring professionals for these crucial tasks is better because they use suitable cleaning agents, sealing products, and application technique for the best results. While handling these jobs, they will also check the paved surfaces for signs of damage or deterioration and help you fix these as required.

If you are looking for reliable paver cleaning and sealing solutions, call us at 512-863-0057. Alternatively, please write to us through this Online Form; one of our experts will contact you soon to understand your project requirements and provide solutions.

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